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Alborz Province was formed by division of Tehran Province into two provinces, after the Parliamentary approval on June 23, 2010, and was introduced as 31st province of Iran.

Situated northwest of Tehran, the Province of Alborz has 4 counties, Karaj, Savojbolagh, Taleghan and Nazarabad. Karaj is the seat of the province. Alborz Province is situated 35 km west of Tehran, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains, and is Iran’s smallest province in area. According to the National Census, in 2011 population of Alborz was 2,412,513 out of which 90,5% lived in urban areas.

Karaj is the capital of Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran. Its population was about 1.61 million in the 2011 census, making it the fourth-largest city in Iran after Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. It is situated 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Tehran, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains.

The climate of Karaj is a bit cooler than Tehran, and it receives 260 mm of rain annually. Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies the city’s climate as cold semi-arid.Amir Kabir dam and some other small lakes are based in the City of Karaj.Karaj is the starting point for a drive along road forced north through the Alborz mountain to the Caspian Sea.

Geocoding for Alborz, Iran: 35.48°N 50.58°E


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