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Boushehr (Bushehr) Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bandar-e-Bushehr, the provincial capital. The province has nine counties: Asaluyeh, Bushehr, Dashtestan, Dashti, Dayyer, Deylam, Jam, Kangan, Ganaveh and Tangestan. In 2011, the province had a population of approximately 1 million people.

Aside from the revived port city of Bushehr, which is the second main naval port of Iran after Bandar Abbas, Bushehr also has come back recently in the spotlight for Kharg Island ,Bushehr Nuclear Reactor and the industrial corridor of Assalouyeh.
Geocoding for Boushehr, Iran: 28.9184°N 50.8382°E


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