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Zanjan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. Located in Iranian Azerbaijan, it is part of Iran’s Regions 3. Its capital is Zanjan city. Zanjan province with an area of 36,400 km² has a mostly rural, population of 1,015,734 (2011). The province lies 330 km northwest of Tehran, connected to it via a freeway.

Agriculture is the principal occupation, and crops include rice, corn (maize), oilseeds, fruits, and potatoes. Poultry, cattle, and sheep are raised. In the region Zanjan is also famous for its seedless grapes. Manufactures include bricks, cement, milled rice, and carpets. Chromium, lead, and copper are mined. In the scientific world the Zanjan name is famous for IASBS, one of the most productive research centers of the country .

Zanjan is also known for its beautiful handcrafts such as knives, traditional sandals called charoogh and malileh. Malileh is a handcraft made with silver wires. Zanjanian artists make many things like various decorative dishes and their special covers as well as silver jewelry.

In ancient times, Zanjan was known for its stainless and sharp knives. But this tradition is gradually becoming extinct by introduction of Chinese knives to the market which are cheaper and better made than these primitive industries. Many villagers today are traditional carpet weavers. This is perhaps Zanjan’s most popular handcraft.

The province economy is benefiting from the its geographical location which is connecting central part of Iran to the north western provinces. The Railway and highway that connects Iran’s capital city Tehran to Tabriz, and Turkey is passing through Zanjan Province.

Zanjan has an area of 22,164 km², occupying 1.34% of the Iranian territory. Located north west of Iran, Zanjan covers joint borders with seven provinces- East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Hamadan, Kordestan, Gilan, Ghazvin and Ardabil. Shahrestan, or counties, in Zanjan are: Abhar,Eejrud, Khodabandeh, Khorramdarreh, Zanjan, Tarom, Mahneshan.

Zanjan has a highland climate characterized by cold snowy weather in the mountains and moderate climate in the plains in wintertime. In the summers, the weather is warm.

Geocoding for Zanjan,Iran: 36.6751°N 48.4845°E


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