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Diving Scuba Kish Island

31 Oct

Diving Scuba Kish Island

Diving in Persian Gulf

Sun bathing under the blazing sun in the coral beaches, lying on the white & silver sands, swimming in the warm crystal sea, and of course diving & watching extra ordinary under water life, inviting you to the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

The blue sky, the azure sea, fresh air, attractive features of the charming coasts, beautiful natural collections, corals, colorful fish species, plus tens of other attractions, all have contributed toward the formation of a natural treasure in Kish.

Kish Island is located in the Persian Gulf with an area more than 91 square Km., the maximum elevation of 32 m, & an average temperature of 27 centigrade throughout the year.

Kish Island enjoys a pretty warm & humid climate, which endows it with a most bracing and salubrious climatic condition all from September through springtime in late March and early April.

Diving Tour in Kish Island

One of the attractions in Kish Island is diving tour. Diving serves both as a recreational and a sport conduct. Scores of tourists dive into the depth of coral sea and join the under water party of a variety of fish species, corals & other creatures.

The recreational coastal resort is inviting you to water skiing, jet skiing, fishing & glass boat cruising. There is also an International diving school (PADI) in the Island with official diving guides & coaches. They have many diving courses in this school. You can also hire the diving equipment in Kish Island.

1 Elementary & intermediate course
2 Advanced course
3 Diving tours


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