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Glassware and Ceramics Museum

9 Mar

Glassware and Ceramics Museum

Tehran Abgineh Museum

The mansion housing the Glassware and Ceramics Museum of Iran was built about 80 years ago upon the orders of Ahmad Qawam (Qawam ol-Saltaneh) for his personal use. Situated in a 7000 sq. meter garden, it was dwelt in by Qawam ol-Saltaneh until 1953, when In 1977/8 other constructions were added on the northern and southern sides of the main building.
In view of its transformation in a Cultural Center. For this purpose,3 teams of Iranian, Austrian and German experts converted the entire area in a cul At present this cultural complex, entitled Nowbahar Cultural Center, is administered by other departments of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and other governmental institutions.

The Building
With abuilt-up area of 1040 sq.meter, this octagonal two-stories building is embellished with simulated columns on its entrance,and has a vast basement floor. From the ground floor, a wooden staircase built in the Russian manner leads to the upper level.
The central hall, which was topped by a dome until the installation of the Egyptian Embassy, now has a flat roof. The basement floor, which today houses. The architectural style of the building, just like that of numerous constructions dating back to the Qajar period, combines features of Iranian traditional architecture and 19th century European styles. In those days, following the expansion of relate.
The decorations of the building include the exterior brickworks and the interior stucco carvings.


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