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Iran land of Four seasons

Iran Land of 4 Seasons

Iran is a wide country in southwest of Asia neighboring the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraq. All southern borders of the country end to the shores of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman. Total terrestrial borders of Iran are 6032 km. And total water borders are 2700 km. Unique landscapes such as limpid water springs, Pomegranate orchards, pistachio gardens, rows of Lombardy poplars, decampment of nomads in different seasons, cheliferous nights, rocks, mountains, endless high and low lands, extinct volcanoes, luxuriant forests of Alborz mountain range, and coastlines of the Caspian sea are among the eye-catching and memorable landscapes of Iran’s nature which leaves unique memories in the minds of tourists.

Iran’s landscapes vary remarkably at different seasons. The average annual temperature from northwest to southeast of the country and varies from 10 degree Centigrade in Azerbaijan to 25-30 degree Centigrade in the south and southeast. Iran enjoys a considerable climate diversity, which is subjected to various seasons in different parts of the country, in a way that in some areas, the coldness of winter and the warmth of summer can be seen simultaneously. Thus the weather in Iran must be judged regionally.

According to latest census made in 2006, the population of Iran was a little more than 70 million. Gross domestic product is composed of four sectors: agriculture, industry & mine, services & oil. Iran is the bright place of Zoroastrian. One of the oldest prophets of the world and founder of Zoroastrian religion, and about 99.5% of people are Muslims.

In the constitution of I.R.Iran, religions of Zoroastrian, Christian, and Jewish are recognized officially and their disciples have equal political, social and economic rights like Muslims.

The government of Iran is Islamic Republic, which was founded after Islamic Revolution in 1979. Iran is situated on the way of Central and East Asia to western countries. As a result different ethnic groups live in Iran like Farsi, Kurds, Lors, Bauchis, Bakhtiaris, Azari Turks, Turkmen, Ghashghiis, Taleshians, and Arabs. So there are many varieties in the language of these groups and even sometimes in their appearance.

The common official language and handwriting is “Farsi” , The first of Farvardin (March 21) is beginning of New year in Iran according Solar calendar which is the best time for tourists. The official Flag of Iran is in three colors green, white and red colors.

The best mean for traveling to Iran is airplane. An organized railway connects most of the important cities of Iran to each other. And coaches are alternative to all the cities of Iran.

Best time to visit Iran :

Iran lies in a continental climate with great diversities, being a vast country, Iran has regions with different temperatures even at a specific period of time.
Being situated inside a dry belt of the globe and because of the check imposed by the Alborz and Zagros ranges the plateau has a dry desert peculiarity. Winter temperatures often fall below freezing specially in the mountains, while summers are usually hot. In the northern coastal areas of the Caspian Sea climate is mild and humid. The southern parts and the Persian Gulf region have rather a hot and humid weather with pleasant winters. Therefore, because of these climatic diversities one can enjoy from winter sports while at the same time within a few hours of travel it is possible to swim in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.

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