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11 Apr



Moshtaqieh is one of the building of Qajars is now the tomb of one of Sufis leaders whose name is Moshtaq has three connected domes with beautiful tile work.

Moshtaqiyeh dome is the defining architectural shape of Iran, and has been the object of more refined and elaborate research here than anywhere else in the world. The small brick built dome has always been a favorite feature of domestic Iranian architecture. From the Parthian and Sasanian period, there grew a concern to extend this predilection to great public and religious monuments.

The focus of the resulting research was the transition from square floor plan to circular dome plan, and after a long period of steadily improving trial and error approaches, ingenious axioms were arrived at. From then on dome design took on aspects to a game, with architects seeking to construct only new solutions, until all sense of function became secondary to a kind of “art for art’s sake” approach.

Cosmic antenna nourishing haven of tranquility or simply human genius dedicated to the external, the idea of the dome never fails to stir the hearts and minds of those who see them.


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