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Ski Slopes and Resorts

2 Nov

Ski Slopes and Resorts

Ski Slopes and Resorts

Iran with its great high mountain ranges offers a superb opportunity for ski mountaineering. The snow is best during the spring months of March and April. Down hill skiing totaling 10,000′ (3300m+) is possible!

Dizin Ski Resort near Tehran is comparable to the popular ski resorts of Europe and the USA. The high altitude, 12,400′ (3780m) and dry air, make powder conditions more consistent than the majority of other ski resorts.

Iran ski slopes

There are 13 resorts in Iran, which is occupied about 5 month each year for skiing, among which the most impotents are in Tehran.

1- TOCHAL SKI RESORTS, located in the northern section of Tehran, is equipped with one lift and one double-chair lift. Its altitude is 2950 m.

2- AB-ALI SKI RESORTS, located about 45 km north east of Tehran, is the oldest ski resort in Iran. It is situated at an altitude of 2250 m with a vertical drop of 250 m and offers very nice slopes for beginners and intermediates skiers.

3- DARBAND-SAR RESORTS, 50 km to the north of Tehran, is equipped with one double-chair lift and two beginners lifts. It is good resorts for experienced and intermediate skiers.

4- SHEMSHAK RESORTS, the second largest ski resort excluding Dizin, prides itself on tempting the excellent (experienced) skiers to challenge its moguls and very steep slopes. If you like to ski through light powder snow at altitudes of 2250-3000 m on slopes of 45 degree gradient and vertical drops of 500 m, then go to Shemshak. Shemshak, in the neighborhoods of Darband-Sar, is equipped with two double- chair lifts, four ski lifts and two hotels.If you like night skiing, you can buy a ticket for about 5 USD and ski from 7 p.m to 12 midnights on night slope.

5- DIZIN, a winter and summer resorts, is closer than you think and far beyond what you might expect. Surrounded by the glorious Alborz Mountains, Dizin is 14 km from Shemshak and 110 km from Tehran International Airport. The mountains of Dizin are high, rising to an altitude of 3550 m above sea level.


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